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Hip Surgery in India - A Resource Guide

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Hip Surgery in India - An Overview

The first hip replacement surgeries in India were performed around 1970. Since then, hip replacement surgeons and hospitals in India have become world leaders at this procedure, in terms of both expertise and experience. Given the large number of total & partial hip joint replacement surgeries performed in India, hip surgeons from India are actually working together with global leaders in the production of artificial joints, to design implants customised for the Indian anatomy.

India has a large population (about one billion) and there are a correspondingly large number of patients as well. In joint replacements too, India is amongst the world leaders with many hospitals in India having performed over 25,000 joint replacements each. Similarly, there are many hip surgeons in India who have performed over 10,000 total hip joint replacement surgeries each.

Such large volumes lead to both expertise and cost savings - the best hip joint replacement & resurfacing hospitals in India are thus able to offer a success rate of 99% in joint replacements, and that too at the lowest cost of total or partial hip joint replacement & resurfacing surgery, in the world.

Hip Replacement Surgery India - Key Advantages:

  • In India, total or partial hip replacement surgery is done by expert hip replacement surgeons with very strong academic credentials.
  • The best of hip replacement surgeons in India have acquired super specialisation and training in the UK, USA, etc
  • In India, Total & Partial Hip Replacement Surgery is performed in ultramodern operation theatres, some of which are even Class 100.
  • Investigations preceding Total or Partial Hip Replacement/Resurfacing surgery in India are performed on the latest imaging machines from companies like Siemens, Phillips, GE, etc
  • The success rate in India for Total & Partial Hip Joint Replacement surgery at India's best hospitals is a phenomenal 99%
  • All leading hospitals perform Hip Replacement surgery in India with the aid of computer navigation techniques
  • The cost of Hip Replacement surgery in India is amongst the lowest anywhere in the world, typically, about 1/5 of the cost in the USA
  • The low cost of Total or Partial Hip Replacement surgery in India is offered without any compromise on quality or success rate, which is as high as 99% at the best orthopaedic hospitals in India

Low Cost Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India:

Hip resurfacing surgery is a procedure that seeks to achieve functional results similar to that of a hip replacement procedure, but in doing so adopts a more conservative surgical approach which minimises bone mass removal from the hip joint, and also uses a smaller implant. Read more…

Choosing the Right Joint in India for Your Hip Joint Replacement/Resurfacing Surgery:

A successful low cost hip replacement or hip resurfacing surgery certainly depends to a large extent on the quality of the surgeon and the hospital. The choice of implant, however, plays an equally important role.

With over 500 kinds of artificial joints, constructed from a range of materials (stainless steel, titanium or chrome and cobalt alloys or polyethylene), it is possible for a surgeon to make a choice which is very suitable for you in terms of design, size and the ideal construction material.

Picking the right implant comes mostly with experience. Our hip replacement surgeons in India have great experience and great knowledge as well. They will make the absolutely correct implant choice for your hip replacement/resurfacing surgery in India, taking into consideration your age, the strength of your bone, your physical activity and lifestyle, and your associated medical conditions.

A recent innovation, which is also offered in India by the best hospitals for low cost hip replacement, is "set up" jigs that are customised for your hip size, shape, etc. These jigs are used by surgeons during hip replacement surgery in India. The customisation, which is based on prior MRI taken of your hips, facilitates precise planning that enables surgery to be done with the greatest accuracy and minimal tissue and muscle damage, leading to faster recovery.

About your Hip Replacement/Resurfacing Surgery in India:

In India, total hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a reconstructive procedure which involves the surgical replacement of a hip joint with an artificial implant. The diseased cartilage and bone of the hip joint removed and replaced by the new prosthesis.

The hip joint is a ball and socket arrangement. The socket is part of the pelvis (hip) bone. The ball, which fits into the socket, is the uppermost part of the thighbone. In a stepwise procedure, the surgeon first removes the damaged cartilage and bone. The upper part of the thighbone is cut and the ball is removed. A special tool called a reamer is used to work on the hip socket - the damaged cartilage and bone is removed to leave an even rounded surface which can receive the new implant. The other component of the implant, containing the ball is inserted into the hollow portion of the thighbone and is fixed firmly in place. The implant material is made of natural alloy or ceramics.

In India, hip replacement surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and can last about 90 minutes. Hospital stay will be for approximately 5 days.

Hip Replacement /Resurfacing surgery cost in India is also significantly cheaper than cost of hip replacement/resurfacing surgery in comparable hospitals in other popular medical tourism destinations. The low cost of hip replacement/resurfacing surgery in India is without any compromise on quality or success rate

The success rate in India of Hip replacement surgery is 99%.

Hip Replacement/Resurfacing Surgery hospitals in India:

The best multi-faculty and super speciality orthopaedic hospitals in India have invested significantly in infrastructure (world-class operation theatres, including Class 100, with laminar airflow systems).
Surgical Spacesuits are the norm at some of the best hospitals for total Hip replacement surgery in India. This offers hygiene protection to the patient from even the surgeon, as he works at close quarters during the surgery.
India's leading hospitals for Hip replacement/resurfacing surgery also have image intensifiers that provide magnified images, computer-aided navigation for highly accurate surgery, specialised arthroscopic equipment that aid in complex procedures, special operating device and jigs that are tailor-made for the individual patient in order to achieve the highest possible accuracy in surgical incision and placement of implant to achieve maximum flexibility and stability.
The best hospitals in India for total Hip replacement/resurfacing surgery also use top of the line implants, such as Johnson & Johnson.
Some of the large hospitals in India for total & partial hip joint replacement also have bone banks, a very useful back up when it comes to complex arthroplasties.

FAQ's for Hip Replacement Surgery / Hip Resurfacing in India:

How common are Total & Partial Hip Replacement Surgeries in India?

Hospitals in India began to offer Total & Partial Hip Joint Replacement procedures in the 1970s. Since then, in India, Total/Partial Hip Joint Replacement Surgery has become a standard offering at about 2000 hospitals.

As a foreigner looking at medical tourism in India for a total hip replacement surgery, it would be appropriate for you to select a reputed multi-faculty hospital or super speciality orthopaedic hospital which will ensure that you have a safe and reliable surgery, with a world-class success rate.

What is the cost of Total Hip Joint Replacement/Resurfacing Surgery in India?

Total Hip Joint Replacement/Resurfacing surgery cost in India is amongst the lowest in the world. The cost of total hip joint replacement/resurfacing surgery in India is about 20% of the cost in the USA. The low cost of total hip joint replacement/resurfacing surgery in India is without any compromise on quality or success rate

How qualified are orthopaedic surgeons in India to perform total/partial hip replacement surgeries?

Leading orthopaedic surgeons in India are able to perform joint replacements with a 99% success rate in less than half an hour. This simple statistic speaks volumes about the qualifications of hip replacement surgeons in India, especially when you consider that these surgeons deliver world-class quality, high stability knee replacements at truly competitive prices.

Medical colleges in India have an extensive syllabus and intensive training modules. A specialist often studies and trains for about 10 years before assuming independent responsibilities at leading hip replacement surgery hospitals in India. What is more, today it has become possible for orthopaedic surgeons to specialise in the area of joint replacements alone. This super specialisation, typically, in performing hip replacement surgeries alone comes out of the large number of patients both local and from abroad, who seek treatment at the best hip replacement surgery hospitals in India.

How experienced are joint replacement surgeons in India at Hip surgeries?

There are several leading Hip replacement surgeons in India who have each conducted more than 10,000 knee and hip replacements. There are some who have even exceeded 15,000 joint replacements. The extent and depth of such experience can be surpassed by very few doctors outside of India.

Many of India's leading hip replacement surgeons have spent several years in the UK or the USA not just acquiring higher qualifications but also working at leading institutions abroad. Upon returning to India, these specialist have found a great opportunity in working with India's best knee and hip replacement hospitals, which are sought after by patients from India and abroad. This large number of patients provides an avenue for these specialists to enhance their skills further within a very short time. Consequently, hip replacement surgeons at leading hospitals in India possess great experience and tremendous expertise in performing standard hip replacements, as well as complex re-do hip surgeries in India.

Do hospitals have specialised equipment for carrying out Hip replacement surgeries in India?

Yes, the best Hip replacement hospitals in India have invested extensively in state of the art equipment for:

  • Imaging and Diagnostics (3.0 Tesla MRI, 64 slice CT, 40 slice PET CT),
  • High-Quality Surgical Theatres ( Class 100 operating theatres, laminar airflow systems, Surgical Spacesuits, Intra Operative Imaging Systems, Image Magnification and Enhancement Systems))
  • Ortho-Rehabilitation ( special lab for analysis of walking patterns, water therapy pool, special gym, etc )

Do hospitals offer computer navigated Hip replacement surgeries in India?

Yes, several hospitals offer computer navigated total/partial hip replacement surgeries in India. In fact this has become the common and standard method for performing total/partial hip replacement surgeries at leading hospitals in India.

Further, orthopaedic hospitals in India also offer customised jigs for use during hip replacement procedures. MRI images are taken of the patient's hip well before the surgery. The jigs that will be used by the surgeon for aligning and placement of the implant will be specially designed based on the anatomical details provided by the MRI. These jigs are specially created based on MRI images of the patient's Hip. These jigs facilitate high precision total/partial hip replacements with the smallest possible surgical incisions, making for a rapid recovery from the operation.

Do Hip replacement hospitals in India have formal Quality Certifications?

Yes, hospitals that offer the best total/partial hip replacements in India have formal Quality Certifications which may include:

  • JCI-USA certification issued by the Joint Commission International, a US government body. This certification implies that the hospital meets or exceeds the standards defined for hospitals in the USA.
  • NABH Certification issued by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), an institutional member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUA)
  • ISO certification

What is the success rate For Total/Partial Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

The success rate at India's best hospitals is 99% for total/partial hip replacement surgery. This success rate is much better than the average at hospitals abroad and is testimony to the rapid progress made by India's best hospitals in total/partial Hip replacements.

10 Reasons why you should have your Total/Partial Hip Replacement surgery in India through Aarex Medical Services?

  • We offer you a network of 30 carefully selected and screened Associate Hospitals in India to choose from.
  • Every hospital has distinct areas of excellence. Aarex Medical Services, on account of its ongoing referrals to leading hospitals and on account of its close networking with the medical community in India, is able to identify the best hospital for your specific condition.
  • In a similar vein, it is very often important to choose the right specialist in order to get access to some very specific expertise required for a very complex procedure. We are able to choose for you the right doctor, whichever hospital in India he might be in. On the other hand, if you were to choose a hospital directly, not really knowing which hospital is good at what procedures, you will be limited to the expertise of the doctors at that specific hospital.
  • We have affiliations with institutions that rank amongst the best hospitals in India while also being amongst the lowest total/partial hip joint replacement surgery cost hospitals in the world, in relation to the value they offer
  • Aarex Medical Services is ranked as one of the best medical tourism companies in India.
  • No extra charges for our services to facilitate your Hip replacement surgery in India. We receive an administration fee from the hospitals directly. Our total total/partial hip joint replacement surgery cost in India is amongst the lowest.
  • Quick responses...Within 24-hours.
  • Single point of contact for all your needs.
  • Personalised attention at all times.
  • Our team of professionals have facilitated treatment in India for patients from 31 countries...we understand and anticipate your needs.

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