No-Scar Thyroid Removal Surgery in India !

Traditionally, thyroid removal surgery, required mostly by women, has left behind a long horizontal scar on the neck.

Using the da Vinci Robot, surgeons in India now offer thyroid removal surgery which leaves absolutely no scar on the neck. The dexterity and reach provided by the high-tech robot, allows the surgeon to make one incision at the junction of the arm and the chest and a second incision in the sternum, well below the shoulder line. The robot arm enters through this incision to reach the thyroid located in the neck region This means that there will be no visible scar above the collarbone as a result of the thyroidectomy surgery.

During robotic thyroidectomy, the surgeon sits at the console at which she can view magnified 3-D images of the thyroid of the patient. The surgeon has foot and joystick-like hand controls which he uses to 'perform' the surgery. The hand and wrist movements of the surgeon are picked up by the robot and replicated without error but on a smaller scale. The robot eliminates tremor effects from the surgeon's hands and allows minute movements during delicate phases of the surgery. The high resolution camera clearly displays the presence of small blood vessels which can be spared. Greater reach and dexterity is made possible because of the 360 degree turning flexibility of the wrist of the da Vinci Robot. The use of the da Vinci Robot allows high precision in incisions, cauterising, resection (removal of thyroid tissue) and suturing. The efficiency of the robotic arm also enables surgery with minimal blood loss.

India's first robot assisted Thyroid removal procedure was performed recently on a 20 year old girl, suffering from a thyroid tumor. She was discharged on the very day of the surgery with excellent functional outcome and cosmetic results, with no scars on neck or face. Due care to the vocal box and parathyroid glands was ensured. With minimal blood loss, pain and discomfort, she was able to return to normalcy and work within 3-4 days.

The surgeon who performed the procedure said, “Operating on the thyroid gland located in the neck requires an open surgery that results in having a long scar in the throat and neck. However, with Robot Assisted Thyroid Surgery, the thyroid gland can be operated without leaving any scar on the neck, without injuring the recurrent laryngeal nerve that helps in speech and small parathyroid glands that maintain calcium balance in the human body. Robot Assisted Thyroidectomy helps in precise dissection of the area to prevent injury to the vital structures and organs and provides potential benefits of a gasless, endoscopic transaxillary approach."