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Preventive/Comprehensive Health Checks in India

Preventive Health Checks are available in a variety of options at hospitals in India. The cost ranges from US $ 100 - 400, depending on the category of the hospital, its location and the tests that are offered.

Highlights of a typical health check at a JCI-USA approved hospital in Mumbai, India


Approximately USD 180

Available on

All days, other than Sundays and public holidays.


6-7 hours, commencing 7.30 am.

Tests for

Heart, Kidney, Liver, Digestive System, Eyes, Teeth, Blood,Urine, Stool, Prostate( for men), Gynaecology ( for women)

Consultations with

Physician, Cardiologist, Dentist, Ophthalmologist

Total stay in India

2 days to have tests, receive reports and complete all consultations.

Frequently asked questions about health checks in India

Why do I need a health check? I feel good anyway.

A health check is a good idea for anyone who is 35 or older, even if they are in normal health. In today's age, lifestyle factors play a major role in causing health issues. Cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure are just a few common problems which could begin very early in life, without one being aware at all. It is important that problems, if any, be detected well in advance so that preventive or corrective steps can be initiated. These steps need not necessarily be medical, they could be just lifestyle or dietary changes.

Where in India do you offer health checks?

We offer comprehensive health checks at 30 different hospitals across India. No matter which airport you arrive in, we will have a top class medical facility for you to have your health check in. A few of the major cities in India where you can have your comprehensive health check: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Goa, Mangalore....

What is the quality of health checks in India? How reliable are the reports?

Investigations which are a part of health check primarily comprise pathology (analysis of blood, urine and stool) and imaging (x ray, ultrasound, 2-D Echo, CT and MRI), lung function test, cardiac stress test, etc. For all of these, leading hospitals in India use top of the line imported equipment manufactured by world leaders in the respective technologies. These equipments are maintained in India to global standards by highly qualified biomedical engineers. Your investigations will be supervised and managed by Indian doctors and highly qualified nurses and technicians. The reports will be interpreted and reviewed by doctors of sound qualifications and experience. This combination of good equipment, top class protocols and extremely experienced medical professionals results in health checks which are of extremely high quality and reliability. You can count on the accuracy and precision of these reports.

How many days do I need to set aside for the health check in India?

Two days, excluding the date of your arrival in India.

Does the health check cover my entire body?

Standard health checks assess the functioning of the heart, the lungs, the liver, the digestive system, the excretory system, the eyes; a dental check and the overall physical examination is also included. Cancer specific checks (PSA for men, mammography and gynaecological examination for women) are also included in some plans. There are also some health checks which offer advanced cardiac investigations including CT 64 cardiac angiogram, 2-D Echo etc. Whole body MRI is also available as an option. Thus, the high end health check plans cover all vital organs of the body. A range of health check packages being available, you can pick the one that is best for you.

What are the various tests that are included in the comprehensive health check in India?

For details of a mid-range health check plan costing approximately $ 210, please click here. If you wish to have details about less intensive or more comprehensive health check plans, please write to us and we will be happy to provide you with options.

How much will it cost me to have a preventive health check in India?

The cost of health checks will depend upon the individual hospital as well as the city in which the hospital is located. Generally speaking, the cost of health checks in smaller cities is about 30 to 40% cheaper than the checks in the larger metropolitan cities. The cost ranges from US dollars 100 to 400, depending on the scope of the test. The more expensive packages would include whole body MRI screening, CT 64 cardiac angiogram, 2-D Echo Doppler for cardiac investigations, etc

Can I add on any other specific investigations, which are not part of your standard health check?

Yes, if you have any specific test in mind, you can certainly ask for that to be included at an additional cost. You should make this request before the commencement of the health check so that appropriate samples, where required, can be drawn at the right time.

From beginning to end, how does the health check process work?

  • Choose the health check plan that you wish to have
  • Notify us about the date on which you would like to have the health check ( other than Sundays and other public holidays)
  • Notify us about your arrival (you need to arrive one day ahead of your health check) and let us know if you need assistance with your airport pick up, hotel arrangements, etc
  • Commence your pre-health check fast starting 7:30 p.m. on the day prior to your health check. Detailed instructions will be mailed to you well in advance
  • Report to the hospital at 7:30 a.m. on the day of your health check, along with urine and stool samples.
  • Make the payment at the hospital for the health check
  • You will be guided through the health check process till conclusion at about 2:30 p.m.
  • The evening is free, yours to enjoy...
  • You will be asked to report the next day to collect your health check reports and complete any pending consultations, as well as to have a wrap up meeting with a physician should there be any findings during the health check that need discussion

What next, if the tests indicate the need for further investigations or medical treatment?

If the investigations reveal the need for further tests or consultations, you will be advised about these, so that you can have these scheduled immediately or later depending on your convenience.

Do I need to apply for a Visa for my health check in India?

Yes, visas are required by nationals of most countries in order to visit India. You can apply for either a Tourist Visa or a Medical Visa.

If you're combining your health check along with a sightseeing/shopping trip to India, you may consider applying for a tourist Visa.

If you are coming primarily for medical reasons, you may consider applying for a medical Visa. Do remember that if you were to apply for a Medical Visa, you will need to dedicate several hours to completing a procedure for the registration of your Visa in India. The total cost of this exercise, including your passport to the government office concerned, will be approximately US dollars 20-25.

If you decide to apply for a Medical Visa, we can support your application by sending you an invitation letter which will expedite the process.

What does the quoted amount include?

The amount quoted to you for the comprehensive health check in India is the total cost that you will have to pay to the hospital for all the tests and investigations listed under that particular Health Check Plan. Any further consultations with doctors or any other tests that you need to have done will be charged for additionally.

The quoted amount also excludes the following:
Visa and air ticket expenses
Airport pick up and drop
Hotel and living expenses
Visa registration expenses in India (upto $ 25)

Do I need to pay any fees or charges to you for your services?

No, you do not need to pay us any additional amount towards our services. We receive an administration fee from the hospital from within the amount paid by you. You will, of course, be paying directly for the taxi, hotel etc (not through us).

List of tests and consultations included in a mid-range health check package costing about usd 18o in a jci-usa approved hospital in mumbai


Hemogram with ESR
Blood grouping & Rh typing
Fasting blood sugar (FBS)
Post parandial blood sugar (PPBS)


Computerized Stress Test
2 D Echo


Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
Serum Creatinine
Uric Acid
Serum Calcium
Serum Phosphorus


Serum Cholestrol
Serum Tryglycerides
Serum HDL Cholesterol
Serum LDL Cholesterol
Serum VLDL Cholesterol
Cholesterol / HDL Ratio
Apolipoprotein A1
Apolipoprotein B
Apo A1/Apo B Ratio


Serum Bilirubin


Hbsag (marker for Hepatitis B)
Serum Electrolytes
Urine Routine
Stool Routine
Chest X ray (pa view)
Spirometry (lung function study)
Ultrasound Abdomen
TSH (Thyroid test)
Stool for occult blood (for men and women 50 yrs and above)
Audiometry (for men and women 50 yrs and above)
PSA (for men)
Pap Smear (for women)
Breast and Pelvic examination (for women)
Mammography (for women above 40 yrs.)


Gynecologist (for women)
Dental Check

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