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Aarex offers low-cost, world-class medical treatment & surgery in India

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What is Medical Tourism?
Is Medical Tourism safe?
Are the doctors and specialists experienced and of high quality?
Do the hospitals in India have the latest medical infrastructure and equipment?
Is medical treatment in India cheaper in comparison to South Africa, Europe and USA?
Why are medical treatment costs lower in India? Less qualified doctors? Inferior devices and implants?
When you send me the estimated cost of treatment, will it be all inclusive? Will there be any hidden charges?
Do I need to pay a separate fee to Aarex Medical Services for their services?
How about the hospitals’ Quality Certifications?
What is the assurance that the quality of care will be excellent?
Why choose Aarex Medical Services?
What services do you offer?
Can I bring along a companion?
What if my local doctor advises against treatment abroad?
What happens if there are complications or something goes wrong?
What is your "No Advance Deposit" Policy?
Step-by-step, how does the process work?
What kind of accommodation options does Aarex Medical Services offer?
What if I can't find the surgery or procedure I'm interested in on your website?
What about follow-up care after I return from my trip?
What is your privacy policy?
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Best Medical Tourism Companies in India

Aarex is ranked as one of best medical tourism companies in India. As a premier medical tourism company in India, Aarex offers low-cost, world-class medical treatment and surgery in India. Medical tourism to India is very popular, because Indian doctors & hospitals are amongst the best in the world. As a premier medical tourism company in India, we are associated with some of the best hospitals in India & the best doctors in India.

Best Hospitals in India

We partner with the best hospitals in India.  The super-speciality hospitals in India are amongst the best in the world. Our associate hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed by highly qualified doctors with vast experience. The hospitals in India are benchmarked to international standards of operation in respect of equipment quality .We ensure that you will be treated only at the best hospitals in India and by the best doctors in India.